giovedì 21 luglio 2016

How much you know Venice?

There are two ways to visit Venice: understand Venice; follow the tourist flow and took picture of Rialto and San Marco.

Most of the tourist that visit Venice don't understand Venice, not even after visited it. Most of the people don't even realize how Venice works, why it is like that, and much less people understand the history of Venice, the traditions, the culture, the food and so on ...

We love Venice and we love to offer unique trip to visit and understand this incredibile Water city. Here some of the features of our trip in Venice..

We offer a unique lodgement in the centre of Venice but far from the tourist flow, in the island of San Giorgio

the rooms are water front

the view of San Marco from San Giorgio

Venice is the city of Art, we lead you to discovery the hiddens piece of art

We bring you to the best Bacari

and the bars with the best view

we let you feel part of the Water city, and offers great opportunity to get in contact with locals while kayaking the canals 

and let you discovery how to row Venetian style with the Gondolieri 

and much more ...

We organize tailored mutltiday trip in Venice under request, get in contact via email at